Getting my online affairs in order

I will start this post by saying hello as I have not shared a blog post for 6 years now, it’s good to be back. During the Covid-19 lock down that we are currently living through the decision was made to try and make the most of the extra time available to me. With dinner time going spare and the lack of a commute, I thought that now was as good a time as ever to try and get my online presence back up to the level it should be. At the start of my career as a junior developer I loved keeping my online presence in shape. I enjoyed writing blog posts for the company I used to work for as well as for my personal blog. Progression in my career coinciding with starting a family meant that I unfortunately found myself without enough hours in the day to keep on top of everything. This led to the lack of blog posts and the deterioration of my general online presence.

I have always enjoyed reading articles and blog posts that people have invested time and effort into writing. The enjoyment and the learning I get from these was too important to lose so this continued even though my own blogging did not. I wholeheartedly believe that absorbing the knowledge that other’s have shared, has helped me to get to where I am in my career. Who better to learn from than people who try different things and then taking the time to share their experiences.

I feel that I am now in a position to start producing some content myself. Hopefully the content I produce will be enjoyable and informative for anyone who gets round to reading it. Before I start creating this new content I felt like I needed to give my online presence a sprucing up. This will help me present a unified look and feel across all platforms I have a presence on.

I felt like the first place to start was to find a more up-to date profile picture. This would then allow me to apply it across all the different profiles I have. This included updates to my LinkedIn, GitHub and Twitter among many other outward facing profiles. The next project I undertook was my personal website. This website has had no TLC since it was first introduced to the world, around 7 or 8 years ago. The old links on the site were served using HTTP and these needed to be changed to use HTTPS. Once these links were all updated to use HTTPS I could now sleep a little easier, knowing my site was secure for any visiting users.

It was then time to move on to my GitHub profile. I had never contributed to an Open Source project prior to the lock down, even though my GitHub account dates back a number of years. I regularly have feelings of guilt about the fact that I have never contributed to the Open Source community. Historically it was a lot more difficult to find a project to contribute to than it is today. This meant that when I had some spare time in the past I never got around to finding a project to really get my teeth into. Hopefully there are people out there that will read this and maybe someone will point me in the direction of an Open Source project they are working on. It would be great if that happens and I can really help someone out.

I am hoping to share new content on a regular basis trying to focus on quality rather than quantity. I hope you have all enjoyed reading about my experience and where I am up to now. Hopefully what I have shared here resonates with people. I also hope that it may inspire some to also get back out there and start sharing content again.

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